Charlie and Melissa Stephenson
Camp Manager and Office Manager

Charlie and Melissa both grew up in the Chesapeake area. They met at Lindale Church of Christ (now The Shelter) and later married in December of 1999. They served at Camp Rudolph in 2002 as Assistant Manager and Secretary for a year. After that year, Charlie decided to go to Roanoke Bible College (now Mid-Atlantic Christian University) to study in Youth ministry. He took on a youth ministry position at Fairview Church of Christ where he served for 5 years. They then moved to Elizabeth City, NC to finish his degree while Melissa went back to college to finish her degree. Throughout their time away from camp, Charlie still served the camp in many ways as a volunteer, dean, director and trustee. In March of 2010, Camp Rudolph’s Board of Trustees elected for Charlie and Melissa to return to camp as the manager and office manager. Charlie graduated in May of 2010 from Mid-Atlantic Christian University with a B.A. in Preaching with minors in Youth Ministry and Counseling and moved back to Camp Rudolph following his graduation. Melissa finished her degree in May of 2011 with a B.S. in Leadership and Administration. Charlie and Melissa have 3 children Phillip (15), Hannah (14), and Lydia (11).

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Camp Directors:

Chairman:  Derek Robinson – Minister at Langley Christian Church
Vice Chair: Erin Otis – Childrens’ Minister at Williamsburg Christian Church Treasurer: Tracy Botset – Member at Chester Christian Church
Secretary: David Bateman – Elder at West Park Church of Christ
Matt Scott – Minister at Colonial Heights Church of Christ
Matt McLean – Member at Aragona Church of Christ
Amy Shorter – Member at Colonial Heights Church of Christ
Frank Lilley – Elder at Avalon Church of Christ
Kelley Valencia – Member at Avalon Christian Church
David Whitten – Minister at Great Bridge Church of Christ