My daughter attended Camp Rudolph for the first time this summer. She started with Middle School Camp. Then she returned for Wilderness Camp. Finally she begged to come back for Expressions of Worship. Every single time we pulled away she had made new friends and said: “that was FUN”. GREAT staff, Great kids = awesome memories! – Tracy
A former camper now volunteer
 What a great experience! Kids were taught to Learn It, Love It and Live It – the Bible. The staff couldn’t have been better at loving the kids and ensuring a wonderful time was had by all. I attended Camp Rudolph as a child, loved it then and I was so overjoyed to have the opportunity to return and witness children being loved and led closer to God. If you have the opportunity to send kids to Camp Rudolph I promise they will not be disappointed! – Beth
A 2017 Expressions of Worship camper
Camp Rudolph is the best camp I have ever gone to kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school all go to worship 1 thing…. It’s GOD because he wants us to worship him and not feel left out and kids can be off there phone’s and outside at camp doing fun things at camp. I know I did this week. – Mariah
I absolutely love the Ladies Retreat here at Camp Rudolph. This is such a fun experience every year! Just left and my heart is so full. I can only imagine how many children’s lives are touched here at this facility. My husband went to this camp as a child. Camp operators are extremely welcoming and kind. – Susan
A parent of a former camper
 My daughter Courtney, [now grown] attended FIRST CHANCE camp “several years ago”. I received a call back then during that short week from the Dean who invited us to come early to pick her up as she wanted to be baptized! Very proud parent moment. Not only did that change her life, but as a family it changed us! Because of Camp Rudolph we joined a supporting church in Chester and have all been a part of its Ministry and willingness to serve. – Tina
A parent of a 2016 camper
My daughter just returned home from her first overnight camp here, she loved it! Everyone was friendly and she had a great time at this little camp it was just what we were looking for. Thank you! – Sarah
A parent of a 2016 camper
 I love Camp Rudolph as a child attending there and then on to being a counselor and kitchen help. I couldn’t be happier about sending my children now. My daughter and son just got back from 1st chance camp. My daughter went last year and loved it, but this was my son’s first time ever being away from me. His response to me when he got home was “Momma, I didn’t have time to miss you. I love it. – June
Allie is a teenage camper whose older siblings also grew up coming to Camp Rudolph. Allie recently shared with her homeschool group about her own experiences at Camp Rudolph. Here is an expert of what she wrote.

Camp Rudolph is…a great place to grow spiritually. During my first wilderness week I was able to memorize 4 chapters of the book of James, and at an Expressions of Worship week I memorized 1st Corinthians chapter 13, and plenty of verses here and there through the years. At Expressions of Worship week I was able to commit for the first time to follow the cross everyday which at that point was something I had been putting off. Every morning at camp I have done a devotion and always learn something from it. More than once a day I have sang my heart out to the Lord during worship. I also have poured my heart out in prayer at this camp and there has been so many amazing lessons through skits or just talked or even energetically or humorously done.

The latest lesson was how awkward it must have been when Jesus washed the feet of the disciples at the last supper, because the people he picked for his last meal were going to deny him 3 times and betray him and all this stuff. Then he washes their feet he becomes a servant to them. One of my favorites was last year at high school week on the last day when we all circled around a cross on laying on the floor and sang what the angels are singing in heaven.

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