There are a number of ways people can volunteer for camp.

  • Program staff (such as dorm parents, recreation directors, speakers, worship leaders, etc.

  • Facility help (kitchen and dining room workers, housekeeping, groundskeeping, etc.)

  • Admin helpers (photographers, put together care packages, maintain canteen, etc.)

Volunteers are important to our programming and so is the safety of our campers. Therefore, we take volunteer screening and training very seriously.
Camp Rudolph adult volunteers must:

  • Be 18+ years of age (must be 2 years older than the oldest camper)

  • Be approved by the dean and/or camp manager

  • Regularly attend a local church

  • Be an immersed believer in Christ

  • Have served in a local church for 6+ months

  • Have a letter of recommendation by a Christian Leader (for new workers)

  • Complete a background check

  • Complete an online child protection training

  • Attend a camp policy training

Junior Counselors and Junior Staff must:

  • Be 13+ by June 1st

  • Be an immersed believer in Christ

  • Regularly attend a local church

  • Attend a camp session as a camper

  • Attend a JC/JS training session (Feb 7-8, 2020)

All volunteers must be approved by the dean for the week (program leaders) and/or camp manager. If you want to help this year but don’t know when or where, click the “I Want to Volunteer” button to fill out a questionnaire. Your information will be submitted to the camp management who will contact you.

You can also volunteer throughout the year! We offer a few retreats that you may be able to assist with OR you can help with upkeep and special projects!  You can also arrange for a group to come out and help with projects big or small. There are many ways to be involved with Camp Rudolph! Start here, but if you would like some more information, you can contact the camp office.