Staff and Directors

Zachary Tanner

Zach and his wife Taylor have three children, Noah, Thomas, and Beulah. Zach grew up attending Camp Rudolph. As he became older he served as a Junior Counselor and Counselor. He began working at Camp Rudolph in September 2022 as assistant camp manager. Beginning April 1st Zach has taken on the mantel of interim camp manager.

Zach can be reached at

Trish Hackett

Trish Hackett is a long standing camp mom. Her children have both attended and work at Camp Rudolph throughout the years. She has been a camper mom since ‘98, and an amazing volunteer since ‘13, she knows and loves the ministry! Trish joined the staff team in February 2024.

Trish can be reached at

Camp Directors:

Chairman:  Stephanie Gray- Children’s Minister at West Park Church of Christ (Portsmouth)

Vice Chair
: George Koger – Member at Fairmount Christian Church (Mechanicsville)

: Elizabeth Beville – Member at Chester Christian Church (Chester)

: Elizabeth Beville – Member at Chester Christian Church (Chester)