Summer Camp 2021 COVID-19 Information (Posted 3/30/21)

We are extremely excited to be able to welcome our campers back to a little bit of normal this year.  Every day we are working through what this summer will look like.  As we confirm information and seek clarity on guidelines, we will pass this information on to you.  As of this posting per the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Mandatory Requirements for Overnight Summer Camps, Camp Rudolph is working on an extensive Communicable Disease Plan, which will be reviewed by our local health officials.   That plan will include all currently required interventions for screening, hand hygiene, use of face masks at appointed times, co-horting, sanitizing, ventilation, and physical distancing.  We expect more details to be available in the coming weeks.  Until then here are some of the expected changes and additions that will help you as you make plans for Summer Camp 2021.  Please note all of this is subject to change and as it does we will keep you updated. You can access Virginia’s current guidelines on the VDH website here.

For questions regarding our COVID-19 protocols, we ask that you first read all updates posted here.  For further questions, please contact us at  We are grateful for your patience as we seek clarification and get the answers you need. 

While there are a lot of changes surrounding efforts for the physical safety of our campers, please know we are committed to providing a meaningful camp experience. Our campers’ spiritual health remains a priority.


In order to maintain cohorts and to properly staff these groups, we have reduced occupancy for each of our sessions.  Please be mindful that registration spots are more limited as we will operate at a reduced capacity of a normal summer.  Also, due to the screening process listed below, registration deadlines for each session will be posted and may not be changed.


Included in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s mandatory requirements for the reopening of overnight summer camps is, the requirement for a negative molecular test within seven days prior to the beginning of camp, or a 14 day symptom screening for the camper and all persons in the Family as defined in Executive Order 72 that have contact with the camper.  Campers utilizing symptoms screening must restrict their close contacts to those inside their Family as defined in Executive Order 72 for the duration of the 14 day period.”   

We have been advised by VDH that campers who are still attending school within the 14 day period prior to arriving at camp will not be eligible for the 14 day screening and will instead require a test.  

*Screening forms will be provided by Camp Rudolph 3 weeks prior to camp start.

Check In

Expect a minimal contact check in procedure.  Campers will need to travel to camp with members of their household only.  We will not be able to accept campers in carpool groups, church vans, or other alternate arrangements.  Families will be greeted at their vehicle.  Once a staff member has verified all required documents are in order online or in hand and the camper’s temperature has been checked, they may unload.  A Resident Assistant from your camper’s cohort will help them unpack and get settled.  To reduce traffic, wait times, and to help campers receive individualized help, check-in times will be staggered and assigned for each family.

Please be assured that prior to arrival we will work to communicate with you every step of the way.  All check-in communication will be done in advance by e-mail or phone.  Those who indicate allergies, use of medication, or health concerns will have a scheduled call with our first aid staff.  Please note we may not be able to conference or collect additional monies at check-in.