Summer Camp 2021 COVID-19 Information (Updated 6/10/21)

We are so excited about SUMMER 2021! The camp’s Board of directors and Camp staff have been working together with guidance from our Virginia Department of Health official to ensure we have a healthy and safe camp experience.  It should be understood that attending any camp or youth gathering involves some risk.  By registering your child(ren) for camp, you are accepting that risk and acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that your child(ren) may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by attending the CAMP events. 

In an effort to provide a safe camp experience, the board of directors has approved the following changes to our usual procedures for the 2021 camp season.  Please read through these changes carefully.  If you have any questions about these or anything not listed here please contact the camp office at

We will have to limit guests this summer. Guests need to be preapproved BEFORE coming to camp. They will need to remain outside, or wear a mask and be distanced from all campers and staff indoors.

Campers will not be allowed to return if they leave the camp for any reason.


In order to maintain cohorts and to properly staff these groups, we have reduced occupancy for each of our sessions.  Please be mindful that registration spots are more limited as we will operate at a reduced capacity of a normal summer.  Also, due to the screening process listed below, registration deadlines for each session will be posted and may not be changed.


Campers will need to monitor for symptoms for at least 1 week (2 weeks is better) before their camp session. Any camper that exhibits any new symptoms related to Covid-19 will be denied access to camp. Do not bring any camper or adult who could infect others to camp. A Camper Health Check form is available to download in the online registration system, this completed form will be required at check- in.

Check In

1.       To attempt to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between groups of arriving campers and families, you may be assigned a specific check-in time, please arrive close to that time.

2.       Check -in canopies (one for each cohort) will be set up at their respective dorms.

3.       Campers will be assigned a dorm and will be directed, through email, to go directly to that dorm to check-in.

4.       At the canopy, ONE person should check in with their camper, you will be asked to present the required forms, verify authorized pick-up persons, surrender camper cell phones, turn in medications, and then the camper will receive a wristband.

5.       If you have medication to turn in please double check that they all are documented on your campers’ health forms. This can be checked or changed by logging into your online registration account. Please use a gallon size bag with your camper’s name printed on the outside, to keep multiple medications together. All medications MUST be in original bottles so we can verify the information.

6.       The person who goes through check-in with the camper may help the camper move their items to their bunk. Only a few campers at a time inside. But please DO NOT unpack their items or make their bed. A counselor will assist if needed. 

7.       Anyone who is not a camper, staff, or volunteer will be asked to leave soon after completing check-in.

Dorm and Family Group Assignments

1.       Each of the dorms will be its own cohort (or “Family Group”). (There will be 2 boy family groups and 2 girl family groups).

2.       Family groups will have approximately 24 campers each and will be assigned a color.  This color will be used throughout the week to show designated items, areas and such.

3.       The volunteer staff in the dorms will be the staff for that family group only.

4.       Members of a family group will not need to social distance or wear masks if their family group is not near other family groups.

5.       In the event that activities move indoors AND campers or adults will be within 6 feet of someone outside of their family group it is recommended they wear a face covering/mask. Disposable masks will be available for those needing one.

6.       Staff members who are not part of a family group should practice distancing and wear a face mask when interacting indoors with campers or staff.

7.        One dorm parent will be tasked with taking all of their family group’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer each morning, and asking about any new symptoms. A checkmark for normal temperature and no new symptoms will be recorded. Our First Aid staff will be notified of any elevated temperatures or new symptoms.

Check Out

1.       Campers will be packed up and ready to go by check-out time.

2.       They will stay at their dorms awaiting departure.  

3.     The authorized pick-up person should go directly to the dorm to check out their camper(s). Photo IDs will be required to sign all campers out.  Be sure the person you send to check-out your camper is listed in the departure information in the online software.