Times are tough. We get it! But finances should never keep anyone from experiencing an amazing time at camp. Many of our supporting churches offer scholarships for students who attend from their church. Additionally, Camp Rudolph has a couple of options as well.

GGG Scholarships

If you are in financial need to help pay for a registration, these scholarships are available to help you. Gillie G Guillette was one of many individuals who caught the vision for a Christian youth camp in Yale, VA. Over the years Gillie was able to make many contributions to help Camp Rudolph be where it is today. As a Trustee for over 20 years, many of those as Treasurer of the camp, he was a wonderful man of integrity, who held  others to a high standard when they worked with the Lord’s money at the Lord’s camp.

Apply for a camp Scholarship

Angel Tree Scholarships

 We are proud to be an Angel Tree Camp partner for another year!!  This partnership provides scholarships that cover the registration fee of our sessions for children of incarcerated parents and any children who live in the same home as them.  For more information, please email